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With the background and passion to deliver a personalized experience and exceptional service, Lady Vamp Artistry has a network of hair and makeup artists that care about their clients and love what they do.  All artists are hand selected based on education, experience, talent, and the ability to exceed their client's expectations.  No matter what your needs are, Lady Vamp Artistry will put together a team of talented artists to provide you with the guidance and services to create the perfect look authentic to your style and vision.

Sitha - Lead Hair Artist   


Sitha's love for hair started when her mother french braided her hair for grade school. Or the numerous times she would look into the mirror perfecting her hair before heading out the door.

After her first year of college, she was unsure of what she wanted to do. However, when she attended Cosmetology school, it solidified her love for styling hair. There are no words to describe the feeling when the client looks into the mirror with their face beaming with a smile. These moments drive her to make the clients the most beautiful they can be. She loves the challenge of a sleek classic look along with perfecting every curl. 

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